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about us

Grove Haus is a California based studio that captures the story of our food and farms through photography and videography. The studio offers packages of recipe development, in-house or on location photography, and recipe or documentary videography.

The studio helps connect brands, companies, and commodity boards to their consumers through beautiful imagery and approachable, seasonal recipes. 

The natural light studio is located on Folsom Boulevard in the bustling section of East Sacramento and within a 5 minute drive to the Sacramento Food Co-op, Trader Joes, and Safeway. The space is small but versatile for a wide array of shooting spaces throughout three different rooms. 

Erin Alderson, the owner of Grove Haus, has spent the past decade focusing on sharing the beauty and deliciousness of food through photography and recipes. Erin's work has been featured in numerous national publications, books, and on a range of food and lifestyle websites.




Our Services


Content creation

The core of the studio is creating content for brands, companies, farms, and commodity boards to help them connect to their consumer. Whether it's a beautiful instagram image or an easy, weeknight dinner recipe; we have you covered.



Through the studio, we strive to create imagery to engage all your senses without being able to taste the food. We also love to tell the story around food, be it a family farm, delicious product, or a weeknight dinner recipe. We offer numerous photography services, either on-location or in the studio, including product, event, recipe, and documentary photography. 


We currently offer a limited amount of videography that includes the 'hands-in-pans' quick videos to the longer, on-location documentary style videos. 

recipe development

Beyond media, we also develop delicious and approachable recipes that align with your brand or product. These recipes are often used on websites, social media, and packaging. Recipes are tested thoroughly, edited, and ready to go with or without photography.


events + workshops

Outside of content creation, the studio also serves as a space for meetings, book signings, and intimate food and photography workshops. Be sure to check the event page to see upcoming events in the space.


Grove Haus will soon be available for half-day and full-day rentals for photography, workshops, or small get-togethers. Rental space will include the front two rooms, full kitchen, and props if needed. Send a note through the contact form for more information about specific rental opportunities.

Having the pleasure of working with Erin is incredibly refreshing. Saying she is a grounded, talented professional is an understatement, she’s changing the landscape of the way things are done in the industry; not just setting the standard, but continually raising the bar for herself and everyone else. Her extraordinary vision and skill coupled with her creativity and ability to translate our initial concepts into works of art brought our ideas to life.
— Holly Klein | Farmers Communication Exchange | California Pear
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Example Work




Whether you are interested in working with us for a project or needing a space to rent, contact us below with the details and dates. We will respond within 48 hours and get the ball rolling. Just a note: we're currently booking limited amount of rentals but look to be fully up and running by early summer.